Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Free Antivirus and Antispyware

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avast! logoavast! Free Antivirus 5.0 beta
Unrated (beta)
avast! Free Antivirus 5.0 beta offers very good malware protection at no cost. It's especially good at malware removal and rootkit removal tests, and it offers fine control over settings and detailed reporting.

AVG logoAVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0

AVG believes everyone deserves free basic protection against Internet threats. The company's free antivirus offers that protection, and it's better than Microsoft's free product. Of course, the best for-pay anti-malware tools are even better, but not everyone can afford to pay.

Trend Micro HouseCall 7.1Trend Micro HouseCall 7.1

Trend Micro's HouseCall gets to work quickly and uses a cloud-based malware database to find viruses and other threats. It's great for a second opinion alongside your existing solution because it doesn't run in the background when not scanning. That lack of real-time protection also means it shouldn't be your only anti-malware solution.

IObit Security 360IObit Security 360

IObit Security 360 installs and scans quickly. The problem is, it just doesn't do the job of removing malware or preventing malware installation.

MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware 1.36Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.36

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware does a good job of cleaning up malware, especially those annoying rogue security programs, though it's not effective against commercial keyloggers or rootkits. And the real-time protection in the extra-cost Pro edition isn't worth the money. But be sure to add the free edition to your security arsenal.

Microsoft Security Essentials betaMicrosoft Security Essentials 1.0

Installing the free Microsoft Security Essentials will protect your system from malware—to a degree. But you'll get better protection from one of the other well-known free anti-malware products.

Panda logoPanda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 1.0
Editors' Choice Logo
Panda Cloud Antivirus offers free malware protection in a lightweight package with an ultra-fresh user interface. It's the best all-around free antivirus app we've tested, which earns it an Editors' Choice.

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  1. huhuh...

    boleh kew kite pakai dua antivirus lam satu laptop???

  2. boleh tapi tgk kemampuan laptop..tp better satu je..kalau2 pon jenis berlainan antivirus ngan antispyware

  3. Salam ziarah....
    Aku pernah guna kaspesky tp mcm ada problem je.Sudahnya lepas format semula,cuma ada benda ni je.....aku pn x arif benda2 mcm ni...
    NOD32 Control Centre. Apa benda ni....Lain2 anti virus dah x ada.....

  4. nod32 tu pon antivirus cuma tu nama brand n control centre maybe tu pon antivirus gak. kaspersky ni mmg ramai guna tapi dia bnyk songeh ckit.