Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forex Reporting October 2009

October was a truly give me big headache. But surely the happy ending will come when u play forex and it will happen if u have a good tactic. I use to play my trade only 0.5 size with big amount(oh so big) because i;m not expert in forex. but im clever in certain part. previous year i was failed 2 times with small amount. And i come with conclusion that simply for who want to play forex but only want to learn a basic and a good technic they can do that. Example, For my new account i opened it for 3 month and i never get lost in my trade. But surely my profit is not high. For trader like me forex is just my side income. So i dont care if the profit is small but my money can handle when there emergency with my trade. Because my margin is high so i can wait until it turn in my way. Hehe. So for who newbie in forex dont have to worry if u used a good tactic u can win. but it probaly the matter of huge profit and small one. I take small one with guaranteed.

So for who want to join forex and need small information hehe can email me or let ur message here. In Malaysia we have openforex, liteforex, easyforex. and the other.

Good luck all trader

p/s: Im on my way to improving my English Writing.


  1. i really want to know more about forex... lead me to reach it!

  2. forex juga tow. Gimana hasil tradingnya?? Sukses ya..

  3. Forexs.. masih main pake yg virtual aja.
    Bonus 5$ masih utuh hehehehe

  4. bf jue pon main forex. tp syg die gopoh jgk la sometime. kalau untung hari2 die nk main, syg tau. so di sebabkan die, jue tau jgk la term2 forex ni, margin la,profit la. hihi. he's a good observer n rajin bace news psl forex, maybe daily news die tgk hari2. hari tu die start ngn 50USD, untung nye untung smpai 80USD dlm sminggu, die main 0.1 je. hehe.. pastu lepas tu die main lagi, rugi rugi n rugi smpai 20USD. huhu. ape la kan. now jue suruh die concentrate je study. konon nye die dah x main forex. tp xde maknye nye, hari2 die bkk forex nk trade, smpai now dah tggl 3USD je. haha. ;p

  5. hahahaha memang main forex ni main kecik2 je kalau mcm aku ni yg malas nak baca tactic dalam2..sekadar basic je. nak selamat modal besar main kecik je..hehehe mmg smpi2 bila2 duit beranak hehe

  6. wahh, akhirnya jumpa gak expert forex ya. hehe, kau masih student or dh kerja? asal mane? jom live trading same2..